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Fighting With You Against Drug Charges

Prosecutors in Georgia take a tough stance when pursuing drug-related charges. Even minor charges carry the possibility of hefty fines, long jail sentences and a criminal record that can put your future at risk.

Elizabeth F. Danforth, PC, is committed to defending your constitutional rights if you are facing drug charges.

Defense For College Students

Students at Valdosta State University and other colleges throughout the area who are facing drug charges have a lot at stake. From the threat of reduced financial aid to having their future job prospects jeopardized, students in Georgia need to take drug charges seriously.

Whether you are currently studying or the parent of a student, we will provide the skilled defense you deserve to help protect the future of the accused.

Thorough Understanding Of Drug Crimes

For more than 10 years, attorney Beth Danforth has advocated for the rights of those accused of drug crimes. She has the in-depth knowledge of drug laws needed to put you in a better position for a positive outcome for your situation.

We have helped individuals fight back against criminal charges stemming from marijuana, heroin, bath salts, opioids and other illegal substances. Our attorney knows what it takes to build a strong defense for state and federal drug charges, including:

  • Possession of marijuana and other drugs
  • Trafficking cocaine and other illegal substances
  • Possession with the intent to distribute
  • Paraphernalia possession

Don't Delay Taking Action

The most important step to take if you are facing drug charges is to contact a trusted criminal defense lawyer. We will work closely with you to investigate the details of your circumstances and help you determine the best option to help you navigate through this difficult period.

To discuss your case during a free consultation, schedule an appointment at 229-469-5314 or by sending our Valdosta office an email.

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