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Common Questions About Georgia Divorce

Elizabeth F. Danforth, PC, provides legal representation for individuals in Georgia filing for contested and uncontested divorce. Our lawyer focuses on aggressively defending your needs and standing by your side until your divorce is resolved.

No matter how complex or contentious your divorce, child support, visitation or other family law matters may be, we will always advocate for your best interests and seek an outcome that reflects your goals.

3 Common Questions To Answer Before Filing For Divorce

If you are thinking about filing for divorce, you likely have questions surrounding how divorce works in Georgia. Below are the answers to three questions we often hear from our clients:

  1. Can I file for divorce? Georgia allows couples to file a no-fault divorce. This means that someone can initiate divorce proceedings without having to prove to the court that their spouse acted improperly. It is important to note that Georgia also recognizes fault divorces. Proving that your spouse was at fault during divorce can place you in a more favorable position when determining custody of your children.
  2. How will courts divide custody? There are two primary types of child custody: legal and physical. Legal custody determines how spouses will make important legal decisions for their children. Physical custody outlines where the child will live. Both spouses typically share legal custody equally while it is common for one spouse to receive primary physical custody of a child.
  3. Which assets are my spouse entitled to receive? Georgia has an equitable property division process during divorce. It is important that an equitable distribution of assets does not necessarily mean that assets with be divided 50-50. The court will review several different factors to identify what constitutes an equal distribution. Assets acquired outside of the marriage, gifts and inheritances are often separate property and are not included in the divorce agreement.

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